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New to guns or not, joining a shooting club is a great way to expand your horizons.  The GST Shooting club is for types of individuals, from the casual shooter to the competition shooter.  Club members meet once a month and put some lead down range.  Join the club, get involved, help keep the shooting sports alive. 

What are the benefits of joining a shooting club?

  • Group discounts on training.

  • Meet new and train with like minded people.

  • Opportunity to try out different firearms.

  • Receive Club E-newsletter w/ special info and discounts.

  • Get a a Free GST Workshop patch! (Hat, patch & shirt for Founding members)

  • Receive a 15% discount (one time per membership year) in the store.

  • Flexibility with meeting locations

  • Membership Card.

Founding Membership (lifetime) *.................................$500

Adult Annual Membership (21 & over)*.........................$30

5-Year Adult Membership* .............................................$120

Family Annual Membership (Maximum 2 adults & unlimited juniors in the same household)* ......................................................................$55

*Lifetime Membership is subject to approval, Non transferable. Lifetime means until you die.  Membership may be suspended or terminated if not in accordance with Rules of the club.

NRA approved courses.

  • Basic Pistol
  • Basic Rifle
  • More coming soon...

Non-NRA Courses.

  • The Way of the gun workshop
  • Dynamic Hand gun 1
  • Dynamic Rifle 1
  • Home protection
  • Dynamic Hand gun 2
  • Empty hand self defense
  • Intro Defensive knife
  • Realtor Mindset and Defense
  • Pistol Fundamentals
  • Home Defense Fundamentals
  • CCW
  • Countering the Mass Shooter

Learning the Pistol, the first step.

Both the NRA and  USCCA offer an introduction class to pistols they both cover everything you'll need to know, but each course comes from different schools of thought.  NRA Basic pistol course is setup to teach skills for target or sport shooting.  USCCA teaches more defensive shooting skills and legal repercussions.  Both are great classes and you as a student can decide what fits your needs.  But remember it's just the first step, never stop learning.  

The Way of the Gun

This is both a pay per class and membership class, In the Way of the gun class we incorporate Martial arts, carry, and inert training firearms.  This is for anyone that wants to  work on safety disciplines, firearm retention, fighting with a gun, and the various shooting positions one  might find themselves in a self defense situation.   For rates go to our store.   

Want to us to schedule a course near your location?

  • The Range must allow the instructor the freedom to control the range (calling it ‘cold’ or ‘hot’ at will), and allows students to perfom drawing from concealment, shooting quickly, shooting and moving, shooting behind cover/concealment, transitioning targets, etc.

  • The Range needs to be inexpensive to keep cost down for our students, $250 per day from public ranges, though some ranges charge no fee. Range selection is based on what makes the most financial sense.

  • Equipment availability,the Range should have: target stands, dimensions no less than 25 meters long by 20 meters wide (slightly flexible), barricades for cover/concealment.

  • We need the requests to be sure will be able to fill the class. If you have a group ready to sign up then it is more likely we will schedule training in your area.

  • Classroom space can also be hosted at a different location, we offer discounts for students willing to host classroom portions of the course.

Building things out of necessity or for fun, I cover the details so hopefully people can learn or be inspired to build something for themselves.  I share tips and skills and gear reviews, I thoroughly test gear in real environments, intended use, and possible alternate uses.  Through this process we can see if the gear works, is it worth buying, and if improvements can be made.

For the most current information please click here.

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