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What is STRATEGERY TACTIKA you ask?  Well strategy and tactics essentially are the same thing.  Yes STRATEGERY TACTIKA are made up words only because I'm giving it a new meaning while also standing apart, because the word tactical today has taken on a new meaning for many people.  My philosophy behind STRATEGERY TACTIKA is being well rounded, a jack of all trades, a renaissance man... or woman, being self reliant, and can adapt to any situation at hand.  It means being able to adapt to your environment and not just survive but thrive, have a plan, prep, and execute it with confidence. 

     Just having one skill is not enough, outdoor survival skills encompasses many skills to be successful.  Urban survival skills are many if not more, we are all good at something, honing that skill is fine but why stop there?  Having fire making skills but not knowing how to build a shelter, having shooting skills but not any hand to hand combat skills... these are just some examples many people can fall into.

     So you think your skills are up to par? You can show it with pride, you will also help contribute to sustaining this page and spread the word.

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