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This Course Covers The Following Topics and Skills: Basic Firearm Safety; Gun Storage; Gun Transportation; Parts of the Pistol; Parts of Ammunition; Firing Process; Pistol Operation; Malfunctions; Basic Pistol Shooting Fundamentals: Aiming, Grip, Stance, Breath Control, Trigger Control, Follow-Through; Range Safety and Etiquette; Range Commands; How to Select a Pistol; Pistol Maintenance; How to Practice at Home and at the Range.

Course Fee Includes: targets; Certificate of Course Completion, which will meet the training requirement for some CCW permits.  

This is an 8 hour course with classroom instruction and live fire range instruction.

Range fees and Course book not included.  Course book can be purchaced in class or at this link:

Students will need:

A quality semi-automatic pistol or revolver, one can also be rented at the range.

Optional: A holster and belt. Appendix carry is not allowed in this class.

At least 1working magazine, 2 is preferred.

At least 150 rounds of ammunition, 200 preferred.  Due to ammo shortage 50 to 75 rounds only will be required.

Ear and eye protection

Optional: Sunscreen / bugspray

Lots of water, Food

Clothing suitable for inclement weather

USCCA, Basic Handgun fundamentals

  • Deposits and courses are non-refundable.  Students may apply the costs to a future date or another course.

  • March 7th

    8:30am to 12pm

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