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Pitfalls of Gun Ownership...

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

New to guns or not, many have fallen into what I call the pit, I write this from both experience and watching so many others do the same thing. It starts really with a person's mentality, if you are like I was, I bought my first gun for just the fun of shooting. I bought a Winchester model 94 lever action in .357 mag, it still is a fun gun to shoot but after some time I got bored. I was looking for the new hot firearm with the cool sexy caliber, much like people today, jump on the new iphone even though they don't need a new phone. Does this sound like you or the exact opposite? I know better now, but I still get excited at a gun store... like a kid in a candy store.

There really is nothing wrong with buying into hype if you know that's what you're doing. The problem is for those that don't know they're about to fall into the pit. Hopefully this will help save people money and keep them on track.