Weapon mounted lights over handheld?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

In the world of tactical lighting, brighter is usually better. What we really need is a balance between lumens/candle power and battery run time. Whether it's for duty/professional use or casual/self defense use, you don't want to have to be changing batteries all the time. No matter what the use, you want the run time for critical situations when you need it. The use of flashlights is not just to identify something as threat or non-threat. It can also be used to temporarily blind the eyes of an assailant and buy you some time. So how bright of a light do you need, and should you use weapon-mounted over hand-held? The answer is yes. You should have both a hand-held light AND a weapon-mounted light. Every situation is different, and having both options at your disposal means you are better prepared for every eventuality. But if you have to pick only one, having a light mounted on your pistol has two distinct advantages. First, having a light on your pistol means that you'll only have to grab one thing while under stress. Second, it leaves you a free hand should you need to reach for a loved one or anything else.

There many brands of flashlights out there. Some of the major hitters are Surefire and Streamlight, which have proven durable in duty/military use. Inforce is proving to be a tough yet more affordable product. Inforce managed to reduce the size of their light and still put out a respectable 200 lumens in their APL compact weapon light. For the price, the Inforce APLc is hard to beat, but for those that want more, Streamlight just released their TLR - 7 at SHOT show. It has a run time of about 90 mins and light output of 500 lumens! No official word on the MSRP yet but is rumored to be from $150 to $200, so it looks like you will pay more for that extra 300 lumens.

There are lots of choices out there, it's funny how similar it is to the HotRod world when is come to cars. The question"how fast to you want to go?" really means "how much money do you have?" So when we come back to lights its almost the same when we are taking about quality products. How many lumens to you want? How much or how important is it to you? For a more in-depth review of the INforce APLc, please visit my YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Bn0BPvNmRTU

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