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Dynamic Defensive Pistol 1

Learn to shoot like the pros!
Learn the secrets, techniques, and skills
You'll shoot faster and increase your accuracy!
Sign up now and get 25% off!
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You'll Also get!

  • Training course Tips video series ($500 value)

  • Enrolled in one Way of the Gun Class ($150 value)

  • GST  Workshop Patch! ($10 value)

  • Email Training Newsletter ($25 value)

  • Training and gear guide ($30 value)

  • Targets Included ($10 value)

  • Lifetime access to training resources!

  • Total value of $1000 Dollars!

What students say about GST Workshop.

"Awesome class! Sean was very knowledgeable and informative and helped me with numerous questions I had. Looking forward to taking more classes regarding concealed carry."

Submitted on May 8, 2021 by MARTYN C.

"Excellent instruction! The class was very informative. The instruction was professional. Sean's knowledge about guns, the handling of guns and gun safety was very impressive. I look to the next series of training provided by Sean."

Submitted on Mar 9, 2021 by Mitch B.

"Sean G. Is a great instructor! I was a little nervous about enrolling in this class due to my lack of firearms experience, but Sean was there with patience and professionalism every step of the way. The course established a strong base to build upon for new shooters, and covered the great habits and skills that experienced shooters like Sean possess. I feel that this first class was well worth the time and money, and I’m looking forward to completing more courses with Sean in the future to continue building this new found passion of mine. Thanks Sean!"

Submitted on Oct 13, 2020 by Alexander P.

Who We Are

My philosophy behind STRATEGERY TACTIKA is being well rounded, a jack of all trades, a renaissance man... or woman, being self reliant, and can adapt to any situation at hand.  It means being able to adapt to your environment and not just survive but thrive, have a plan, prep, and execute it with confidence. 

     Just having one skill is not enough, outdoor survival skills encompasses many skills to be successful.  Urban survival skills are many if not more, we are all good at something, honing that skill is fine but why stop there?  Having fire making skills but not knowing how to build a shelter, having shooting skills but not any hand to hand combat skills... these are just some examples many people can fall into.

Facts, Common Questions
I'm a beginner, can I still take this course? 
Yes you can!  Beginners to Intermediate can take this course and see improvement.
What is covered in the course?
Safety, the foundational skills to shooting, 4 step draw, moving & shooting, using cover, clearing malfunctions, and reloading.

Is a Certificate issued?


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Who Are We
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